Performance Rehabilitation/Training

Performance rehabilitation physiotherapy focuses on helping individuals recover from injuries while
also focusing on enhancing performance in their sport. It is a comprehensive approach to address
the specific needs of athletes through in-person gym-based rehabilitation/performance sessions and
online performance programs delivered via a modern app.

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Home and Nursing Home Visits

Looking for physiotherapy in nursing homes?

Physiotherapy in Nursing  homes is a specialized service that addresses the unique healthcare needs of elderly residents. Skilled physiotherapists provide tailored exercise programs, mobility assessments, and pain management techniques to enhance residents’ physical well-being. This proactive approach aims to improve mobility, strength, and overall quality of life, ultimately promoting independence and reducing the risk of falls and injuries. By bringing rehabilitation directly to the care home setting, residents receive personalized care that supports their long-term health and well-being.

MyPhysio & Rehab Tallaght offers a flexible approach to our physiotherapy appointments. We understand that attending a clinic can be inconvenient so we offer a mobile service. Our expert physiotherapists can attend at your work, care home, school or home at a time to suit you. We have appointments at the weekend and during the evening so you can be on the road to recovery as soon as possible

Whiplash Injuries

How we can help with Whiplash Injuries

A whiplash injury typically occurs when a static car is rear-ended by another travelling at speed- this causes the car driver’s head to be thrown forward and then backwards causing a traumatic injury to the neck. It can also occur in contact sports such as boxing, American football and rugby.

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