Lower Back Pain treatment at MyPhysio

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain is very common; 60-80% of people will experience it in their lifetime. There may not always be an incident which hurt your back; it could be a gradual build-up of poor movements or weak muscles. Movements like twisting, poor lifting technique, and poor sitting postures can create this build-up and lead to your pain.

A thorough History and Physical Examination by your Chartered Physiotherapist will determine the source of your Lower Back Pain. Potential sources of Lower Back Pain can be a disc injury, muscle spasm or sciatic nerve compression amongst others. If an X-ray or MRI is required this will be discussed at your Initial Consultation. All of the above will be discussed with you after the Physical Examination.

Manual Therapy can help relieve pain and allow for a quicker return to a normal lifestyle. Manual Therapy in conjunction with Exercise Rehabilitation will give you the best chance to make a full recovery.

The prevention of Lower Back Pain is simple; continue with daily exercises to help keep you mobile and strong. Avoid potential aggravating factors such as poor lifting techniques and poor sitting postures.

Basic Tips:

  • Stay as mobile as you can
  • Speak to your Pharmacist or GP
  • Avoid complete bed rest
  • Avoid prolonged sitting or standing

MyPhysio’s thoughts on Lower Back Pain

Staying positive and taking control of your back pain is key. You should never hand your pain over to someone else; it is a slippery slope to chronic pain otherwise. You may end up going from therapist to therapist and not getting anywhere, all because of poor information from day one. Seek information and ask questions all the time. This is a key component of the MyPhysio approach.
Understanding why you have your pain will help you in the short and long term. Here at MyPhysio we expose people with Lower Back Pain to progressive exercises. We start with basic movements to allow your back to know it’s ok to move, this in turn will help desensitise your pain. Exercises are then progressed to more challenging movements. Progressive loading will give you confidence to move and give you the fastest return to a normal and pain free lifestyle.

If you have any queries regarding Lower Back Pain, please ‘Ask the Expert’.