What is Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)?

As part of my assessment and treatment of clients here at MyPhysio, I use a concept called DNS. This concept has been developed by Researchers and Practionner’s in the Czech Republic. The basic premise focusses in on babies posture and how they learn to move, how they can keep segments of their body in the appropriate place to allow optimal function. DNS calls this ‘Joint Centration’. Continue reading “What is Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)?”

Types of Muscle Injuries

In 2013 the most respected Sports Physicians and other Healthcare Professions such as Physiotherapists, were given a questionnaire on muscle injuries and how to classify such injuries.

Why is this even important?

Firstly, if all Healthcare professionals can have the same criteria for diagnosing injuries then this makes it a lot easier when deciding on treatment and prognosis. For example, if a footballer has a Grade I injury to the Hamstring, then you can predict with some accuracy that they will be out of action for about 7-10 days. But what if after an MRI and Physical Examination, another Physiotherapist or Doctor decides that in their opinion it’s a Grade II injury? Since their criteria is different to diagnose the injury, the incorrect time frame for a return to play or treatment may be given. The only person who loses out is the injured person in question.

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