Increasing Weekly Running Mileage to Avoid Injury?

The old 10% rule doesn’t hold up any more, unfortunately, if you are looking to increase your Weekly Mileage and aim for longer running races then don’t leave it to chance and continue reading.

In every Physiotherapy Clinic in the world, the injured runner presents with an increase in something…intensity, other types of exercise or mileage. It is so common for even the experienced runner to fall foul of increasing weekly mileage incorrectly.

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Why have I got Patello-Femoral Joint Pain?

Some brief anatomy first…

The knee joint is comprised of the femur (thigh) and tibia (shin), on top of these you have the patella (knee cap). The patella sits in a groove on the femur, thus creating a joint called the Patello-Femoral Joint.

As the knee bends when walking, running, or going from sit to stand, the patella slides up and down the groove. If for whatever reason the movement is a bit off to one side or not moving as much as it should or too much then this can lead to Patello-Femoral Joint pain. Sometimes it is referred to as Runners Knee in those who run. Runner’s Knee is just an umbrella term for several types of knee pain.

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