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What is The Tendon Clinic?
The Tendon Clinic is a specialist service treating tendon pain. It is evidence-based treatment aiming to provide the best environment for the Tendon to heal.

What conditions do you treat at The Tendon Clinic?
The Tendon Clinic treats all types of tendon pain such as:

What treatments do you use at The Tendon Clinic?

The Tendon Clinic use only evidence-based protocols to help the Tendinopathy heal.

Following a detailed examination, an individualised programme of strengthening and mobility exercises will be prescribed along with Soft Tissue techniques to aid healing of the Tendon. Shockwave Therapy will be administered at all treatment sessions if deemed appropriate.

What is Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave Therapy is a pressure disturbance that moves through a medium. The medium in this case being the tendon. When the wave enters the tissue it will be reflected and refracted around that area. There is clear evidence of an increase in blood flow with Shockwave Therapy, even in tissues with little blood which occurs in chronic tendon injuries. The shockwaves also create an inflammatory response. When a tendon is in a chronic stage of injury the shockwave will create an environment where the tendon can be at an acute stage. This acute stage will then set the tendon up for self-repair, leading to decreases in pain and increases in function.

Is Shockwave Therapy Painful?

In short, no.

Your Chartered Physiotherapist will ask you throughout the treatment how it feels, if it becomes uncomfortable then the intensity of the shockwave can be decreased.

There can be residual low-level discomfort for the following 24hrs. You will be able to drive or go back to work after the treatment.

How many sessions will I need?
Like all injuries, every case is different. However, scientific research suggests 3 to 5 treatments are required. The prognosis of your injury will be discussed at each session to clarify time frames. You will not receive any treatment from your Chartered Physiotherapist if it is not required. There is clear evidence in the scientific literature on the benefits of Shockwave Therapy for Tendinopathy.

Do you use other treatments at The Tendon Clinic?
Yes. We use other treatments such as Active Release Techniques (ART), Joint Mobilisations and Exercise Therapy etc. Shockwave Therapy can help with the healing process but if there are stability and mobility deficits throughout the body these need to be catered for to allow for optimum results.

How much is an appointment at The Tendon Clinic?
Each consultation is €80. Your appointment will consist of a thorough Examination, a Written Initial Report, Shockwave Therapy, Hands on Physiotherapy, Video Exercises and General Advice.

How do I make an appointment?
You can make an appointment by emailing , calling the clinic on 083 478 1639 or book online.

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