I had been experiencing pain in my ankle which, of course, I had left go on for too long. John immediately identified the problem as Achilles tendinopathy. He treated the area with Shockwave Therapy and prescribed a series of low impact, easy exercises to strengthen area. Over the next few sessions, the improvement was tremendous. I don’t think I realized how much pain I’d been putting up with until I was released from it. It’s given me a new appreciation for looking after my health.

Grace, 49

I took up running through the Couch to 5K programme two years ago. Having run my first 8k last year began to get a pain in my ankle which got progressively worse. John took me through a very thorough assessment and advised me I had very limited movement in my ankle. He devised a comprehensive rehabilitation plan. He was excellent at demonstrating the exercises and ensured my technique was correct. I found it difficult at first to have to stop running and focus on the exercises but John kept me motivated and I started to see results quite quickly. It was a fantastic feeling when he said I could start jogging again. He then did a running analysis where he video recorded me jogging on a treadmill and then talked me through it afterwards to give pointers on improving my technique. He then emailed on the video and still images together with directions to make the required adjustments to improve technique and avoid injury. In conclusion I can’t thank John enough for not just guiding me through recovery from my injury but also improving my running technique. I would highly recommend John to anybody experiencing a sports injury, you will be in excellent hands!

Joan, 42

I attended The Tendon Clinic at MyPhysio and it was a pleasant experience altogether. Most important aspect of the whole experience: I got what I was looking for: no more pain in my elbow. The Clinic is absolutely designed for a nice and enjoyable stay: clean, pleasantly looking, relaxing. John the physiotherapist is a pro at what he does and delivers the whole experience with the highest standards possible: courtesy, professionalism, empathy.

I received Shockwave Therapy and it was the first time I ever received such a treatment; it had absolutely amazing results combined with the manual treatment that John administered.

I was prescribed specific exercises that were complementary to my treatment: again they were all spot on: I was able to prevent the causes that were at the roots of my pain by following them. John sent the exercises in video format to my email which was a useful reminder on technique.

I would definitely recommend MyPhysio to any of my friends and in part already did.
John is absolutely top-class physiotherapist: he effectively works on eliminating the pain and on the same level helps you to avoid and fight all of those factors that are at the roots of pain. A 10 out of 10 experience as a whole.
Amedeo, 28

I would like to thank John at MyPhysio for his excellent service in helping me to recover from a quadriceps & hamstring injury. He designed an individual rehab plan which helped me complete my first triathlon I would highly recommend him to friends or family.

Ber, 53

Thanks a mill John, sourced the problem straight away and having the exercises via an app on my phone gave me no excuses! happy to be back running and biking again stronger than ever

Steve, 43

I attended MyPhysio Clinic with a calf injury following a 5 a side soccer game.  John Flynn assessed me and provided me with an individualized rehab programme. I now feel better than ever.  I would strongly recommend John to family and friends.

Brian, 43

Following a shoulder injury, MyPhysio treated my injury with an individual rehab plan. I received a professional and friendly service from John which made the treatment much easier. If I need further treatment in the future I won’t hesitate to use MyPhysio. 100% recommended. Thank you John.

Chris, 36

I was referred to John by my doctor, with a shoulder injury after several months of unsuccessful physiotherapy sessions in Limerick .

From the very beginning John’s approach was very professional and honest. We started with individual rehab plan that we worked on  for several weeks. John closely monitored my plan and was making any changes, if needed, immediately. Despite living in Limerick and attending the sessions in Cork the communication with John was very easy and efficient. After 2,5 months I am back exercising again with full intention to go back to the gym in the next couple of weeks. I would fully recommend John as his approach and professional experience is excellent  and in fact in the future if I need another physiotherapy I will contact John without hesitation.

Arek, 31

I was first put in John’s direction when he was recommended to me by one of the the staff of my local running shop.

I presented to him with a knee injury I had for nearly 6 weeks that just would not go away despite treatment from other physios and the usual RICE treatment.

Within a week to 10 days I noticed an improvement and was back running. This is due to stretches, exercises and advice John gave me. It was slow at first but gradually built my strength up to where it was before my injury.

John also carried out a running analysis with me. Having tweaked certain aspects of my running technique on foot of this analysis, I find that my performance is more efficient and over time certain twinges i felt during and after running have diminished greatly.

My initial reason for seeing John was to be fit enough to take part in an Ironman Triathlon. Not only was I fit enough to take part in this grueling endurance event, but John made out a three month training plan which help weed out bad habits I had picked up over the years. The upshot of all this was that I completed the Ironman (which looked very unlikely when my knee injury was at it’s worst) as well as getting a P.B.!

I would highly recommend John to anyone suffering with sports or other physical injuries. He ticks all the boxes with regards professionalism, knowledge, experience, advice, expertise, location and is competitively priced. He did for me in one session what others couldn’t do in several.

While i hope it is a long time before i require his services, I will definitely return to MyPhysio for treatment.

Darragh, 34