What is Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)?

As part of my assessment and treatment of clients here at MyPhysio, I use a concept called DNS. This concept has been developed by Researchers and Practionner’s in the Czech Republic. The basic premise focusses in on babies posture and how they learn to move, how they can keep segments of their body in the appropriate place to allow optimal function. DNS calls this ‘Joint Centration’.

The first place to look for Joint Centration is the abdominal, pelvic and spine area. Having the correct position here will allow adjacent segments i.e.spine, hips, arms etc. to move freely and without restriction. Of course, the first time that Joint Centration does not happen is not necessarily a problem, but continue to have ineffcient posture and inevitably pain and dysfunction will occur.

By the time people present to me at the Clinic, they may have poor positioning of their spine and pelvis for many years, it’s impossible to say really. Inevitably, when I take my clients through the assessment they demonstrate quite clearly poor Joint Centration and this is the starting point for rehabilitation of their injury. If you can’t get the position of the pelvis and spine correct it will be difficult to get rid of pain in the long term.

Some people can get the correct position very quickly other can take some time but no progression of exercises should be undertaken until this Joint Centration can be achieved is simple positions. With the DNS concept I bring them through a series of movements from lying on the floor to a standing upright position all while maintaining Joint Centration. From this more dynamic tasks such as squats, lunges, walking, running is built in to their rehabilitation programme.

What can create poor Joint Centration?

  • Weak Muscles
  • Poor Breathing Patterns
  • Poor flexibility of Muscles


Who can have poor Joint Centration?

Anyone really. People with long standing back pain, runners with knee pain to gym goers. Anyone can develop poor movement patterns leading to pain and dysfunction.